Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Falling into Fall

Hello bloggers!

Fall has officially begun and it is my favorite season for SO many reasons.  I love the cool weather and colors fall brings and I just love the Fall atmosphere.  Most importantly, Halloween never gets old for me.  I absolutely love halloween and all the scary movies and shows and getting a costume together and candy.....its simply the best.  Anywho, Fall is such an inspiration for new looks.  It is quite a drastic change from what you would wear during the summer and transitioning could be challenging (since the weather change seems to come out of no where).  There are tons of tips and tricks that can easily help you fall into fall.  Changing your nail color is a simple yet subtle way you can show you are transitioned in the current season.  I love Essie nail polish and their new fall collection has me hooked.  I recently bought three of their fall colors called "Sew Pyched", a dark army green color; "Lady Like" which is a mauve color, and "Sexy Divide", a dark metallic purple color.

Recently there has been a new trend where you paint your ring finger a different color from the others and I LOVE this idea.  I am currently wearing "Lady Like" and on my ring finger I took a gold glitter and painted over the mauve color so it adds a nice touch and the colors really do go well together. 
In the video below this paragraph, Lisa Eldrige, a makeup artist changes up the way her nails look to help transition into the Fall.

There are so many different ways to change your nail colors and it really does make all the difference!

For eye makeup that works perfect for ANY season, the Naked palette by Urban Decay is definitely a must! This palette is my absolute favorite! I pretty much wear it every day you can get so much use out of it and never get sick of it.  The Naked includes neutral colors and ranges from a light champagne to dark browns.  You can go from a natural look to a dramatic look in just this one palette. I love gold and anything that glitters and most of the colors in this palette have a shimmery pigment. Haven't found any other palette that I have been more obsessed with than this one. Ugh, I can go on all day about it. 

The video above is a makeup tutorial using the palette.  Although the palette is made up of mostly natural looking colors, you can create a dramatic look for a night out.  This winged eye look is very pretty and definitely very unique. The next video is of an Urban Decay Fall photoshoot but the eye makeup being used for the shoot is from the Naked.  At first, the model in the shoot is given a natural look which is perfect for everyday makeup.  The second half of the clip the model is wearing the more darker colors in the palette for that smokey eye look. 

Other subtle ways to show you are falling into fall can be changing your eye-liner from black to brown, toning down the bronzer, adding a cute patterned scarf to your outfit, switching from flip flops to closed-toe shoes (boots, flats), or sporting a cute light jacket. The next video shows a vloggers tricks on how to change your style for Fall.

This video goes to show how simple it is to get that Fall look.  Changing the way you apply mascara, the way you braid your hair, and using a light or red lipstick is very easy to do! As I mentioned earlier, Fall would be nothing without HALLOWEEN. I am very excited for this week because I have been waiting all October for halloween.  This year I am going to be Sookie from True Blood for one night and on another my sister and I are going to be minnie mouse.  Halloween is a day you can be whoever or whatever you want.  There are lots and lots of different halloween tutorials on YouTube teaching girls how dress up as their favorite character or celebrity.  Michelle Phan is a well known vlogger who posts makeup tutorials. Below are videos of Michelle doing a cute Barbie tutorial and a scary Black Swan tutorial.  

As you can see, Fall is full of different trends.  From your nail color to the scarf you throw on to the lipstick you wear, you can follow along with the season by adding small details to your look.  With the exception of Halloween! That is it for now!



  1. i loved the lisa eldridge nail tutorial so much that i went and got it haha! great post!

    Danniella x

  2. haha, i loved both tutorials! barbie is a classic choice, but black swan is cool too. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. I cant decide if I want to buy the makeup pallet or not!! I borrowed my flatmate's and it's so good. I dont know if I would use it though xx

  4. Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses